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Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram in one App?

Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram in one App?

Facebook owners want to change the name of both « Whatsapp » and « Instagram »

The two apps will soon be known as ‘WhatsApp from Facebook’ and ‘Instagram from Facebook’

According to somme sources,the idea is to bring the different social platforms all under the Facebook banner. This is a continuation of earlier decisions to completely re-work both apps so all three can operate together

Facebook want chats and messages to pass seamlessly between Insta, WhatsApp and Facebook itself.

All messages sent between the three apps will be encrypted so that only the sender and recipient can see them.And by renaming the two popular apps, Facebook says it will delete confusion about the products and services that they are owner.

The names of these App will also be changed in Google Play Store and Apple App Store.It will remind all users that Instagram and WhatsApp are very much a part of Facebook even though they look different.

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The eventual integration could spell big changes for users. For example, WhatsApp only requires a phone number to set up an account, whereas Facebook requires people to use their real identity.

And Mark Zuckerberg says it will be better as part of a ‘privacy-focused social network’.

« People want to be able to choose which service they use to communicate with people ».

« However, today if you want to message people on Facebook you have to use Messenger, on Instagram you have to use Direct, and on WhatsApp you have to use WhatsApp »

« We want to give people a choice so they can reach their friends across these networks from whichever app they prefer »



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